Finally, a giant hexapod tank you can drive

(Credit: Mantis Walking Machine)

We’ve decided: Cars are nonsense. Who needs cars? Matt Denton’s Mantis hexapod robot clearly represents the transportation of the future.

Denton, an animatronics and special-effects designer whose portfolio includes “Prometheus” and “Lost in Space” with company Micromagic Systems, has an interest in hexapods that goes way back. Over the years, he has built a few miniature hexapods at Micromagic.

Mantis is his first giant-sized model, the result of four years of research, development, design, and building, and is, Denton claims, the biggest operational hexapod in the world. The thing comes in at 9.2 feet tall, weighing 2 tons. It’s powered by a 2.2-liter turbo diesel engine and is designed to take on any terrain.

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