Rhino Battery Holster keeps your batteries close

(Credit: Kyle Hart)

You know what they say… keep your friends close, and your batteries closer.

A Washington-based accessory maker has just created a Kickstarter project for its latest product, the Rhino Battery Holster. As the name suggests, the contraption allows you to holster your battery like a gunslinger in an old Western.

Capable of holding two Canon 2 LP-E6 juice packs, the battery holster has an integrated belt clip that lets you attach the holster to your belt, camera strap, or camera carrier. Alternately, there are brass inserts at the rear of the belt clip that let you secure the holster to anything using a carabiner.

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Compared with conventional battery grips, which can be heavy and expensive, the Rhino Battery Holster is lighter, accessible, and more affordable. While the idea is novel, it does seem limited, since it’s only compatible with Canon’s LP-E6 batteries — used by cameras such as the Canon 5D Ma… [Read more]

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Don’t lie down on this computer-parts carpet

Thousands of computer and other parts went into Uribe’s carpet.

(Credit: Pipe Yanguas)

If you laid out all the electronics components you’ve ever owned on the floor, what would it look like?

Maybe something along the lines of Federico Uribe‘s “Tapete” (carpet). It’s fashioned out of thousands of discarded computer and other electronics components.

The Miami-based conceptual artist uses objects from daily life in sculptures that evoke animals, plants, and human figures.

His work “Everybody Gets Screwed,” for instance, features busts of people including Marylin Monroe made out of all manner of screws.

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“Garden on Gardening Tools,” meanwhile features trees and plants made of shovels, rakes, and trowels.

In his carpet piece, Uribe made use of cables, motherboards, fans, keyboard keys, phone connectors, CDs, and at least one Dell mouse. Check out more photos in the gallery below.

“Every object has a meaning, every word has a meaning,” Uribe say… [Read more]

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Google declares end of YouTube in April Fool’s prank

Is the world’s biggest video site about to go offline for a decade?

(Credit: Screenshot by Eric Mack/CNET)

The best April Fool’s pranks are absurd but also have a kernel of believability at their core just big enough to reel people in.

While the notion that YouTube has been a 8-year-long contest and Google is finally choosing a winner and shutting the site down tonight is pretty hard to swallow on its face, Google did shock many people by announcing the shutdown of Google Reader recently. Perhaps Larry and Sergey are beginning to go all Howard Hughes on us?

That’s how the below video just put out by YouTube operates. The basic premise is that YouTube has been nothing but a contest to find the best video, and the 8-year-long submission period is finally closing tonight.

As YouTube’s “competition director” Tim Liston — a person who appears to be as fictional as his title — tells us, YouTube will go dark for a decade to give thousands of judges 10 years to go through all the uploaded videos and declare one winner, which will be the only video on the site when YouTube relaunches in 2023.

What’s even more hilarious in the video than the basic gag behind it is some great cameos by YouTube celebrities like Matt Harding, iJustine, the (now much older) kids from “Charlie Bit My Finger” and that “Evolution of Dance”… [Read more]

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Apple fanboys mercilessly tweaked in cider ad

The Genius, um, Bar.

(Credit: Somersby Cider UK/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

We’re in an Apple store.

All the employees are terribly agitated. They’re wearing green. Is it St. Patricks’ Day? Not quite. It’s a new ad — sent to me by reader Marrec Selous — that tweaks, pokes, teases, and tickles at Apple’s softer parts.

The ad is on behalf of a British cider called Somersby. And the excitement within it mirrors that of an Apple product launch.

Yes, this cider has a new operating system: Pump.

Its wireless, comes in 16- and 32-pip, and it works in your normal docking system.

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See a pro photog’s beautiful Instagram view of baseball

Brad Mangin’s book comes out in late April.

(Credit: Brad Mangin)

San Francisco Bay Area photographer Brad Mangin — a veteran shooter of baseball games and other sporting events for Sports Illustrated — uses a high-powered dSLR for most of his work, but turned to an iPhone and Instagram to capture a more personal view of the 2012 Major League Baseball season. His upcoming book, “Instant Baseball: The Baseball Instagrams of Brad Mangin,” features many sights only a pro photographer would have the chance to observe. The book comes out in late April.

“Sure there were many pros who laughed at me and gave me a bad time [for using Instagram],” Mangin told Crave, “but that slowed down when people started seeing my pictures — and especially in July of 2012 when Sports Illustrated published 18 of them (including this picture) across six pages in the magazine.”

With Major League Baseball’s opening day coming this weekend, Crave explores Mangin’s special view of America’s favorite pastime in the gallery below, which includes behind-the-scenes images from spring training all the way up to the World Series, plus a few extras. Yeah, it’s a grand slam.

[Read more]

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Congratulations, you are now paint

Project turns people into paint

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SAN FRANCISCO — You are the blob. And you are the paint, too, if you let the art collective here known as Anticlockwise Arts have its way with you.

The group debuted a new project last night at the Academy of Sciences’ weekly ‘NightLife’ event called “Watercolor Walls,” which uses some basic tech tools and audience participation to give new life to your stodgy old silhouette. As one of the nearby DJs spun remixes of pop hits like Justin Bieber, the crowd of more than one thousand people would walk, strut, and shimmy in between Watercolor Walls’ camera and projector, and a 15-foot-tall screen, on its way from one end of the museum to the other. Using infrared light, the camera and projector would outline the silhouettes of people moving in front of the screen, but there was more to it.

Every Thursday, Ni… [Read more]

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